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Hollandse Nieuwe has 21 years experience in the development of flexible and sustainable environments from 100 to 40.000 m2.  We are driven and inspired by worthwhile creations for users. Read more>

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Renovation on NDSM

Work on the NDSM industrial shipbuilding forge have been completed. The building, a dockyard monument, has been completely renovated where durability is paramount. This means energy efficient and the creative and careful re-use of materials. Read more >

rivm pr


Volker Wessels and Facilicom have formed a PPP consortium for PPP RIVM/CBG. Hollandse Nieuwe has joined (partly) for the interior design. Read more >

    corbion item4

DELIVERED: New offices for bio-technical business

Hollandse Nieuwe was commissioned to design an appropriate and inspiring layout for the new offices of a bio-technical business. A work environment that expresses the sustainable, innovative character of this listed company. Read more >

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Antwerp Town Hall

For this mission the team ‘t Stad HUIS (made up of B. Van der Wee Architects, Wessel de Jonge Architecten, Climatic Design Consult, VK Engineering and Hollandse Nieuwe) has been pre-selected for the revitalisation of the monumental Town Hall of Antwerp.

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We recently joined The European Architects' Alliance. (The EAA is a consortium of architectural and design firms with offices across Europe). By formalizing our relationship within the European Architects' Alliance, we offer a clearly and responsive service to clients for projects throughout Europe.

    hap nws

DELIVERED: Haagse Poort

Hollandse Nieuwe has been asked to develop a vision for the ground floor and conference centres in the Haagse Poort. The solutions contribute to a successful transformation from a single tenant to a multi tenanted situation.
Read more >

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On the ground floor a meeting centre has been created where the employees, the directors and international guests can work and have both formal and informal consultations. NOORD projectmanagers was responsible for the whole project management from design up to and including the execution and delivery of the project. Read more >

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Leaseplan Corporation

Hollandse Nieuwe is working on the renovation of the office building for LeasePlan Corporation, LeasePlan’s brand identity and design are recognisable in the interior.

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PHILIPS Breitner Tower

The Philips Center in the Breitner Tower (24.000 m2) has recently been completed. A conference center has been transformed into a Grand Café and the auditorium has been replaced by an open work area surrounded by consultation rooms.
The entrance has been changed into a spectacular and informative lobby where one readily recognizes Philips. In the ‘Point’ (Punt) a multifunctional area has been realized for product presentations, workshops and conferences. In total 21 floors have been adapted.

Of the listed companies, Philips is at the top with its efforts via their own operations to combat climate change.  Read more (Dutch article) >


breeam item

Head office Philips receives BREEAM-nl In-Use certificate

Philips International has achieved the Breeam-nl In-Use certificate for her existing head office (Breitner Center) at Amstelplein, Amsterdam

Source: www.propertynl.com

rai item

RAI Amtrium

For the RAI we are designing the new working environments of RAI and RAI association as well as part of the congress facilities in the sustainable Amtrium construction.

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Hollandse Nieuwe and Desque are collaborating on the new TNO housing in New Babylon The Hague.

    rabobank pr

Rabobank Woerden

The new Rabobank Rijn & Veenstromen head office was opened in December 2013. In an existing office in Woerden, two offices have been joined together for optimal use. Our experience in the field of ‘new ways of working’ was used to design the office. Read more >

stationgorinchem item

Gorinchem Station

We were asked by Pro Rail to develop a vision on how to revitalise Gorinchem station. Like many other medium sized stations, Gorinchem was dilapidated. The building has been refurbished with a light object in the waiting room area and a new interior using heated furniture pieces clad in stone. In the cold months this gives additional comfort. Hollandse Nieuwe has also been asked to advise on Zwijndrecht en Rijswijk stations. Read more >

Read also the publication of Bureau Spoorbouwmeester (dutch) >
Read the publication of ArchitectuurNL about trainstations in Holland (dutch) >

    commvault item5

The design for a new office floor for CommVault, the provider in data software storage, that matches the identity of the company.
Completion April 2015.

vopakchemie news3


After the VOPAK HQ, Hollandse Nieuwe was commissioned for the rigorous renovation of the VOPAK NL building in Botlek. A very out-dated building has been transformed into an open, light, energy saving and modern office building, suitable for ‘the new work’ principal. The housing trajectory was directed by NOORD projectmanagers.

mim item3

DELIVERED: Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment

The government has changed and the housing must be more efficient and attractive. The first steps towards this transition have taken place at the Koningskade and Plesmanweg where anchor points were introduced.  Spaces that are inviting for meetings, collaboration and consulting.
Read more >

    rwsdenbosch item

Rijkswaterstaat Den Bosch

The ‘living room’ of Rijkswaterstaat is ready. Rijkswaterstaat has to be more effective dealing in with its space shortage. In Den Bosch they have divested themselves of one building. The users of this building have been rehoused in a new concept workplace in Zuidwal, Den Bosch. Read more >

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'Prettig wachten'
Zwijndrecht Station

At the moment we are working on the revitalisation and restoration of the original quality of Zwijndrecht Station.

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Eredivisie NV, Cooperative First Division, FBO and Foundation More Than Football have moved to a villa in Zeist. Hollandse Nieuwe was asked to design the interior that supports the new work principal. Read more >

    hoogbouw item

Day of the
high-rise buildings

Hans Reineke will give a talk at the Day of the High-Rise Buildings (1 July 2014) over function transformation in high-rise buildings. Read more at www.stichtinghoogbouw.nl

uu nws2

Utrecht University

After the Centrumbuilding the last phases of the Langeveld building are now being completed. The building has been given a new entrance and the meeting area for students and employees is now in use. Laboratories and courtyard follow. Read more >

    deloitte item

Deloitte ICT Services celebrates tenth anniversary

Many of the solutions we have devised then have become the starting point for housing Deloitte in the Netherlands. It appears that the basis of the project is unchanged and time resistant. Read more >

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IN PROGRESS: Rijswijk Station

One of the initiatives to improve the travel experience is the programme ‘pleasant waiting’ initiated by ProRail and NS. Rijswijk Station is one of the three stations that Hollandse Nieuwe is working on.

    stenden item


Hollandse Nieuwe designed in collaboration with BRT architecten the interior for the training school Stenden Drenthe College in Emmen. An inspiring environment where learning, working, eating, drinking and durability come together.

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Every year Hollandse Nieuwe has a number of internship placements for interior architecture / interior design students from an art college.
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