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It has to breathe sports


‘It has to breathe sports’ was the briefing given by Adidas Reebok. The 11.000m2 office is the place to experience the Adidas and Reebok brands by its customers and employees.

Completion 2008
Net m² 10.500 m²
Client Adidas / Reebok
Location Amsterdam
Adidas Interieur 04 - Hollandse Nieuwe
Adidas Interieur 10 - Hollandse Nieuwe

To create a more visual presence the former rear aspect of the Atlas building became the new main entrance. Entering the building the sports courtyard, the gym, the showrooms and the restaurants come into view. The Adidas and Reebok work floors are separated by their individual brand identity. Knowledge of brands, retail and office design are combined in this project. Completed in 2008.

Adidas Interieur 10 - Hollandse Nieuwe