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Old becomes new

Completion 2021
Netto m² 800m²
Client BP Solutions
Location Utrecht

BPSolutions helps organisations to set up their Mission Critical IT in a way that makes the organisation smarter and enables it to move forward. They advise and support companies and Non-profit organisations in their efforts to strengthen their competitive position by rationalising and optimising the information facilities.

The basic concept had to remain. The rhythm of alternating open and closed spaces provides a clear zoning and long sightlines. The daylight that enters the floor from both sides creates a pleasant and light space. Those were the important characteristics that we wanted to maintain. By analysing the identity of BP Solutions, a design was created that reflects the tone of voice of BPSolutions. The gradient plays an important role in the brand manual and there for also in the interior design. On an abstract level  there is a build-up of zoning; from noise to calm, from public to private. On a graphic level, this can be seen in the walls, where shades of blue run from light to dark on  different scales.

With circularity and minimum waste in mind, we carefully examined what could be taken from the current office to the new location. In addition, some of the furniture was taken over from the previous tenant or purchased second hand. By keeping most of the partitions in place and applying materials and colours in a smart way, different areas with a specific look were created.

In this way, with minimal resources, a powerful image was created that fits all BPSolutions needs.

BP Solutions moved to a new location in Utrecht where the interior was designed by Hollandse Nieuwe in 2005. The basic layout and functionalities present largely fulfilled the wishes of BPSolutions. Only the look and feel had didn’t fit the identity of BP Solutions and this is where Hollandse Nieuwe came in.

The working environment is inspired by the digital world in which BPSolutions operates and has a modern and high-tech look. The break-out area is a translation of the green surroundings of the former BPS office. It is a nice contrast to it with a robust oak floor, elegant furniture, atmospheric lighting and many plants. The kitchen in the meeting area is more reminiscent of a luxury coffee bar in Milan than a pantry in an office environment. In the evening when the lights are dimmed and the DJ table comes out, it is The place to call it a day or start the weekend.