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Council chamber of the municipality of Schagen

The municipality of Schagen asked Hollandse Nieuwe, 2 years after the previous collaboration, to give a new, fresher and modern interpretation to the council chamber. This important space in every town hall is the place where politicians and residents debate to ensure the optimal functioning of the municipality. This conversation takes place in an open, respectful and cheerful setting, characteristics that we find in the new design of the council chamber. The old-fashioned, heavy and uninviting gives way to an open, mobile and light environment. By placing mobile tables in a light and fresh color, we create a relaxing environment that stimulates dialogue.

The various settings ensure that the council room and foyer can be used continuously, and are not tied to one function. The mint green of the tables and red of the screens and planters refer to the rest of the town hall, where they have been used in the office area. This creates a nice continuous whole in this town hall.

The mobile tables also ensure that the council chamber can be transformed, together with the foyer, into workplaces for civil servants and residents. This flexibility ensures optimal use of the spaces at times when no sessions are taking place. Supported by high-tech HiFi, we have ensured that this council chamber is ready for all contemporary and future needs. In addition to mobile desks, we extend the flexibility in room-separating curtains, mobile acoustic panels and planters. This allows us to further furnish the foyer according to the needs of its users.