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DELA Real Estate

DELA Real Estate manages, buys and sells the investments in real estate for the DELA cooperation. They are a leading asset manager in the current market. While they are aiming for a qualitatively high retail property, their own workspace did not share these values, and characterized by monofunctional use of space and traditional office values.

Completion 2017
Net m² 800 m²
Client DELA Real Estate
Location Eindhoven
DELA vastgoed - Hollandse Nieuwe interieur 09
DELA vastgoed - Hollandse Nieuwe interieur 06

The designing proceses for both the DELA Head Office and DELA Real Estate were started almost simultaneously.
The connectedness with the head office is noticeable in the new workspace where, at the same time, the DELA identity is reflected. Due to clear use of both language and material the office has become open, transparant, and inspiring.

This transformation has led to a sustainable, innovative and attractive ‘activity based’ workspace.

DELA vastgoed - Hollandse Nieuwe interieur 06

The main floor of the office can be used by both employees and guests alike to relax, have lunch, discuss new ideas, have a conference, and work.

Work proceses are much better supported than before in this new environment, due to the creation of flexible workspaces.
By creating a smart layout on a single floor, and positioning of office floor assets, the acoustics of the workspace are balanced out perfectly and as such employees will be able to work without any interruption while working at their desk. Due to the implementation of this method of acoustics in the office, it allows DELA to grow long-term in the current setting.

DELA vastgoed - Hollandse Nieuwe interieur 04

Along with this change, several other steps towards more sustainability have been taken. The old lightsources have been replaced by LED lights and solar panels have been placed on the roof of the building. Due to the measures that DELA has taken to be more sustainable, the office has been granted an A-level energy label.

Sustainability in the broadest sense of the word.

Aside from the previously mentioned aspects and the common use of green (plants, flowers etc), the materials that have been used are environmentally-friendly and high in quality, which allow for proper acoustics on the office floor aswell. Naturally, all material assets on the floor are being re-used for maximum sustainability.