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Greenpeace International

Greenpeace International asked us to redesign the basement and work floor with the ideas of Greenpeace in mind. Both the canteen, bar and also some meeting facilities where located in the basement. It was nicknamed “The Dungeon” and lived up to its name: undefined, dark and low. It was not a pleasant space to stay in for a long time. We made a number of interventions that resulted in a complete transformation of the basement.

Completion 2016-2017
Net m² 1900 m²
Client Greenpeace International
Location Amsterdam
Greenpeace International - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 09
Greenpeace International - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 05

The lighting and acoustics have been adjusted. The closed walls, which stopped the little daylight that came through the cuckoos, were removed or provided with glass. Areas of bright and lively color on floors, walls and ceilings give the space surprising accents and mark the different zones in a playful way. The furniture is mainly reuse, second hand or a product with a story.

The work space on the first floor has also been redesigned completely in the style of Greenpeace. Much reuse of furniture and the use of sustainable or recycled materials. Acoustic walls of egg cartons, green walls of old pallets, plaque walls with the last Greenpeace posters or banners. The characteristic yellow oil barrels serve as planters and the floor covering is made from old fishing nets and recycled yarn.

Greenpeace International - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 05