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In July 2014 Greenpeace Nederland moved to “de Smederij”, a former industrial forge located at NDSM in Amsterdam North. Now an architectural monument, their new location helps to support everything that Greenpeace stands for: sustainability, ease of accessibility by bicycle and public transport, while also allowing the Greenpeace boat fleet to simply moor by the front door.
Regarding the building itself, the existing façade has been retained and restored in alignment with the Dutch cultural heritage. By using sustainable new material, reusing existing materials and keeping the monumental steel construction, the impact of the renovation on the environment was minimized and the character of the forge preserved.
Sustainability and recycling were the key drivers for the interior concept and design.

Completion 2014
Net m² 2500 m²
Client Greenpeace
Location Amsterdam
Greenpeace - Hollandse Nieuwe Duurzaamheid 15
Greenpeace - Hollandse Nieuwe Duurzaamheid 26

Hollandse Nieuwe repurposed old furniture, old protest materials and even parts of one of Greenpeace’s’ ships and integrated these into the interior environment. Yellow oil drums used in demonstrations against nuclear waste have been transformed into walls, discarded boats have been processed into a rubber skin for meeting room walls, cable runs were created from discarded jeans, carpets created from used fishing nets were specified, Greenpeace’s paper archives form the basis for the acoustic ceiling spray and even general building waste was transformed in combination with archive cabinets into building blocks for interior walls. The new office interior creates a strong relationship between sustainability, circularity, the organization itself and their people. This makes Greenpeace’s ambitions explicit, turning them into a physical experience.

Greenpeace - Hollandse Nieuwe Duurzaamheid 26