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Publication of Pand Noord on deArchitect

Astrid de Wilde wrote a nice article about our project Pand Noord for deArchitect. The article was published July 19th . Read the full article here.

Publication Heidrick & Struggles on Architectenweb

Robert Muis, editor of Architectenweb, wrote an article about our project for Heidrick & Struggles Amsterdam. The article was published July 17th. Read the full article here

INSIDE Awards Finalist

We are very proud that our project Pand Noord is a finalist at the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors 2019 in the ‘Offices’ category. This 7000m² complex accommodates all kinds of creative businesses. Hollandse Nieuwe was approached by HighBrook Investors to rethink the routing and communal areas into a lively, cool and attractive end result.

Publication Municipality Amsterdam Noord on Architectenweb

“Another pillar for the design was ‘local flavor meets Amsterdam’, says Hollandse Nieuwe. The agency has chosen a visual language that fits in with the raw manufacturing and shipping industry that is characteristic of Amsterdam-Noord.”

Architectenweb published our interior for the Municipality of Amsterdam North. Read the full article here.

Publication Pand Noord on Architectenweb

Robert Muis, editor of Architectenweb, wrote an article about Pand Noord. The article was published April 2nd.  Read the full article here.

Alfa College


In this unique project for Alfa College, community, circularity and ‘learnscape’ will serve as the keywords. An exciting journey where part of the school, approximately 2000m², will be used as the source of materials for the renovation of 11.000m², which realizes the ambition to work circular. We will mainly focus on the meeting area.

New project for TNO: Leiden

TNO uses their knowledge to stimulate the innovative grow of businesses, and therefore strengthen the sustainable wellbeing of the society. The office should reflect this by supporting the effectiveness of the work process. Think of less square meters by introducing shared workspaces. The office should be driven by functionality.

Next to making the work process efficiently, sharing knowledge with your peers will be stimulated in this new office, meeting areas will be made more accessible and it will be more attractive to work by creating a positive user experience for office functions and laboratories.

Working for Bonnefanten

With an exhibition area of 4.000m², the Bonnefantenmuseum welcomed over 114.000 visitors in 2017. The staff that made that possible, asked for an office design where internal communication, visibility and collaboration would form the fundament of the work process.

We were asked to develop a workspace in this building, designed by Aldo Rossi, which is characterized by a lot of open spaces, high ceilings and beautiful daylight that form a great fundament.

Soa Aids Nederland

After a good 20 years at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, Soa Aids Nederland decided it is time to move to a ‘real’ office. They asked us if we could develop a design for this office and give it the unique qualities of the organization.

Next to the fact that all the 150 employees are going to work in a different building, they will also start working in a different style. Moving from their own little workplace in different rooms in the building, they will now move to open, same floor, communicated focused workplace concepts where ‘activity based’ working will be the base.

Royal Theatre Carré

Within 130 years, the oldest circus theatre in the Netherlands has transformed into all possible stages: from circus- to theatre arena, ballet stage to Broadway, boxing hall to church building.

We are extremely proud of the trust that the Royal Theatre Carré has in Hollandse Nieuwe to design an overall concept for this theatre including the artist dressing room.

Hollandse Nieuwe wins competition Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem

Hollandse Nieuwe have won the competition for the Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem! This first phase competition involved the spatial development strategy on the redevelopment of this national monument.

One of the projects ambitions is for the school to no longer be reliant on natural gas in their day to day running.

Greenpeace in Office et Culture

Greenpeace is published in Office et Culture. The French magazine with trendsetting articles on topics of the future of work. Greenpeace Amsterdam is an inspiring example on re-use, re-purpose, remanufacture, recycle, redesign, refurbish and circular design principles .

Dezeen Awards nomination

Dezeen Awards interior workspace Hollandse Nieuwe

In the category Workspace Interior, the recently completed Equity Estate office has been nominated by Dezeen.


DELA Headquarters completed

After a renovation that took a year and a half, DELA HQ has officially been opened by the mayor of Eindhoven Mr. Jorritsma and the DELA CEO Mr. Edz Doeve. The working environment has been made ‘furture proof’ and supports DELA’s agile and scrum work processes. The ground floor restaurant Lieve is open to the public, functioning as a public living room.

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DGBC lid

Hollandse Nieuwe is a member of the Dutch Green Building Council.

‘There are three main themes woven through our projects: health, circularity and sustainability. The experience of the user is key when designing space, however we are constantly learning about how to create a positive impact on the occupant. We want to make sure that from a holistic and technical point of view, we improve the wellbeing of the user, besides creating a beautiful and functional design.’

Read more about our motivation to be a member of the DGBC here.


PANL Hollandse Nieuwe

Collaborating with Cowerk, Hollandse Nieuwe has developed the multifunctional PANL. This smart, mobile system is able to support agile and scrum work processes. DELA is the launching customer for this innovative product.