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Working is a dynamic process which requires a constantly changing work environment. PANL is an answer to the question of how work environments can support new work forms such as agile and scrum with maximum flexibility.

PANL by Hollandse Nieuwe


PANL is a specific answer to certain needs that have arisen due to the new contemporary, flexible way of working. More and more people are working in a constantly changing environment, which requires constantly changing solution.
This is why we have created a multifunctional solution for this question in cooperation with Cowerk.


Work forms such as agile, lean and scrum have become important work processes in offices worldwide. Current workplace solutions are often not yet acquainted with this phenomenon. Indeed, the standard systems that are currently in use are unable to properly support these new types of work processes.

PANL has been created with a system in mind that will allow 3 elements to be combined in the workplace. Element 1 is a fixed panel, placed in an open office space. Element 2 is a lightweight mobile whiteboard with a magnetic surface. Element 3 is the PANL hook which has been attached to a wall. These 3 elements can create a network at any location or workplace; with this system, employees can discuss, share and save their work.


The standing module is a moveable, rotating steel construction that can be attached to any type of floor or ceiling without mechanical fastening. Its capability to rotate 360 degrees is ideal for creating the optimal presentation and due to its light weight, the standing module can be moved around the workplace easily.

The lightweight panel is a rigid solution for the workplace, as it has been specifically designed to assist with the agile and scrum work forms.

By putting the individual PANL panels on the wall hooks in the workplace, it becomes possible to share panels within the office, such as in a conference room or during a team meeting. In addition to the fixed PANL panels, the wall hooks and moveable panels allow for the PANL system to grow along with a company or department.


PANL has been made with the specific vision of endless possible variation, and as such PANL can be adapted to fit any growth or changes within companies, teams and departments.

Because of this, it is possible to replace individual parts with new ones; the old parts are sent back to Cowerk to be repurposed, making it a circular process. This allows for a longer lifespan of the aforementioned 3 elements. At the end of its run, the PANL system will be taken back by Cowerk as well, allowing for a complete recycle of said system.

PANL Hollandse Nieuwe

PANL has been made out of sustainable, high-grade materials; due to this, PANL is an environmentally friendly workplace solution.

The DELA headquarters in Eindhoven is the first office in which 140 PANL systems have been integrated on a 5800 m2 working environment.
With this purchase, DELA has become the ‘launching customer’ of this innovative product.