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Station Gorinchem

ProRail together with Bureau Spoorbouwmeester are the initiators of the project ‘Pleasant Waiting’. The ambition of the project is, to improve the accommodation quality of small and medium sized stations. Hollandse Nieuwe was asked for its views on Gorinchem, Zwijndrecht and Rijswijk stations. Gorinchem station is the first to be realised and is a good example of the ambition of Pleasant Waiting. It has become an exemplary project for Pro Rail and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester. A dilapidated station has been transformed into an attractive, transparent public domain.

Completion 2014
Client ProRail
Location Gorinchem
Station Gorinchem - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 11
Station Gorinchem - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 09

The building from the sixties has been refurbished with a new interior using heated furniture pieces clad in stone. In the cold months this gives added comfort. The kiosk, that was under threat of closure, is now owned by a local entrepreneur. The service at the station and the concern for the environment has been taken to a higher level.

Station Gorinchem - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 09