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Attractive and effective


Rijkswaterstaat has to be more effective in dealing with its space shortage. In Den Bosch they have divested themselves of one building. The users of this building have been rehoused in a new concept workplace in Zuidwal, Den Bosch.
For this building Hollandse Nieuwe has made adjustments thus intensifying the use of limited space by concentrating on the central hall .The central hall just had a traffic function and the hinge points were service corners. The areas were unattractive and acoustically catastrophic. They were hardly used.

Completion 2012
Net m² 1.185 m²
Client Rijkswaterstaat
Location Den Bosch
Rijkswaterstaat - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 07
Rijkswaterstaat - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 09

The areas have been equipped so that they can be used for short, informal meeting moments as well as for plenary meetings. The ceiling has been fitted with an acoustic spray ceiling by Warmteplan. The central hall has become an attractive area and is suitable for use as a reception area, meeting centre, work space and meeting place.
Hollandse Nieuwe has been helping Rijkswaterstaat at several locations to make more effective and attractive use of its accommodation.
Rijkswaterstaat - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 09