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no stress


Rijnstate was looking for an agency that could design an inspiring environment based on the provided map that would contribute to the principles of Rijnstate; healing environment, no stress, sustainable, circularly designed.

Hollandse Nieuwe has developed 2 image quality documents for this purpose; for Intensive care / medium care and for the OKC.

The design looked at the different areas; their functions, the different users and their moods and activities.

Completion image quality documents 2017
Client Rijnstate
Location Arnhem
Rijnstate - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 04
Rijnstate - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 05

3 areas have been identified: 1_Welcome / Calm, 2_ Personal Space, 3_Oasis / Retreat. By putting together a palette of materials, colors and shapes and applying them in different capacities, we create 3 different worlds that are connected.

In the hospital, high demands are placed on hygiene and allergies, so living green like plants are not allowed. By applying a graphic layer, which is reminiscent of the brilliance of water or the sunlight that passes through a canopy, we still bring the feeling of nature and the outdoors inwards.

The counters and other important functions are executed in a contrasting color or material so that they are easily recognizable and together with the light lines in the ceiling they reinforce the natural way finding.

Rijnstate - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 05

The entrances of the departments are quiet and neutral to give the visitors / patients, who are often nervous or emotional, not too much stimulation. Because everyone prefers to wake up in their own bedroom, we have made the IC rooms homelier and more personal by working with materials and colors that do not give too many stimuli, but meet the high demands from the hospital and yet the feeling of individuality with to bring along. Think of certain color combinations, subtle details, digital photo frames that are easy to load with a personal photo.

Rijnstate - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 06
Rijnstate - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 03

The equipment in the IC room is concealed in a wooden wall cabinet so that the patient is not continuously confronted with all equipment and aids except for what is strictly necessary.

The recovery room and day nursery have flexible screens in warm tones between the beds / chairs. The screens offer privacy, give space to divide and make the room softer and warmer.

Spaces such as the coffee room, the waiting room, living rooms, office areas act as a small Oasis within the hospital. Places where you are away from the medical world. These spaces are more pronounced in color and material and feel homelier than the other areas.

Rijnstate - Hollandse Nieuwe Interieur 03