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Hans Reineke

Christiaan Fokkema

Christel van der Hulst

Matthew Grace

Marianne Bindels

Jordi Bos

Nancy Samplonius-Beckers

Nuria Ripoll Aparisi

Frédéric Lens

Christiana Chaikali

Francesca Motta

Jana Riedel

Nicky Vafaee

Marina Gamundi Boix

Niels Nooy



Hollandse Nieuwe Studio

Our studio is a testing ground, an open place for organized chaos. It is a place where we feel at home, where we eat and play table tennis together and where we love to work with our clients and advisors. Enthusiasm, curiosity and open-mindedness are the core values of the studio. Our work culture is characterized by low-threshold internal and external collaborations combined with direct communication and shared responsibilities.


Based in Amsterdam North since 1992, we have enthusiastic team of architects, interior architects, designers and technicians working on a wide variety of assignments. While our studio is up on the first floor, our ground floor is the Hollandse Nieuwe LAB, a place where we invite inspiring parties to come and work. We currently have some availability in the LAB. Interested? Then let us know! Contact us at


Hollandse Nieuwe are partners in the European Architect Alliance, a network with expertise from more than 15 architectural firms in Europe. With practices in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Helsinki, Dublin, Istanbul, Basel, Krakow, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Brussels, the EAA an effective collective. Through the EEA we can help Netherlands based companies to open locations abroad while also helping global companies to grow within Europe and the Netherlands.

The added value of the EAA then and its 400+ employees lies not only in their local presence but also in their knowledge and expertise. A deep understanding of local laws, regulations, local market and culture goes a long way to creating a successful and efficient project.